Richard Santucci, MD, DMC Specialist in Chief, Urology Completes 600th Urethroplasty

Join us in celebrating a historic accomplishment. Richard Santucci, MD, DMC Specialist in Chief, Urology Completes 600th Urethroplasty…

SANTUCCIDr. Richard Santucci of DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital joins a very short list of physicians to ever perform 600 Urethroplasty procedures. Patient #600 was completed in January 2013 and Dr. Santucci’s distinguished career reached a new milestone.

“Dr. Santucci’s contribution to the field of reconstructive urology cannot be overstated,” commented Dr. Suzanne White, chief medical officer of the Detroit Medical Center. “The program he has built has brought patients from all over the world. He has been invited to demonstrate reconstructive urologic surgery at physician forums in Europe, Africa and Asia. His residency program has grown into one of the largest of its kind. We, his colleagues, are happy for him, and happier still for his patients, who enjoy some of the finest care possible, and for some, life-altering successes.”

“This represents the faith and confidence of hundreds of referring physicians, who sent their patients to me for complex procedures,” Dr. Santucci noted. “Without their continued support, and their referrals to my colleagues who also perform exceptional procedures, this milestone would not have been possible. We are grateful to the trust of the physicians and the relief and quality of life we have restored to their patients. We hope to help many more in the years to come.”

The Center for Urologic Reconstruction ™ was founded in 2002 by Richard A. Santucci, MD, FACS, providing reconstructive urology care to the entire Midwest. Referrals come from many of the 50 US states, and foreign countries such as England, Turkey, Germany, Brazil and Portugal. The Center performs about 120 complex cases per year and is one of the largest and most experienced such centers globally. The Fellowship program in urologic reconstruction has attracted applicants from all over the world.

Dr. Santucci is sought after for conference presentations and to demonstrate surgical techniques around the world. He has been invited to demonstrate surgery in eight foreign countries and was chosen the German Travelling Fellow of the American College of Surgeons in 2009, lecturing and demonstrating surgery at academic centers in Germany. He has been invited by the prestigious European section of the Genitourinary Surgeons (ESGURS) to demonstrate surgery in Tubingen, Germany to a large audience of reconstructive surgeons. He is the co-editor of the textbooks, Emergencies in Urology and the forthcoming Atlas of Urethroplasty.

Bravo Dr. Santucci. We are proud to have as one of our leaders. Keep up the good work.

To learn more about Dr. Richard Santucci, and view selected academic papers, click here. 

To make a clinic appointment with Dr. Santucci, please call toll free,  866-437-4227, Monday – Friday, between 9am and 5pm eastern time.

2 thoughts on “Richard Santucci, MD, DMC Specialist in Chief, Urology Completes 600th Urethroplasty

  1. Good morning, do you specialize in removing kidney stones. I had surgery 2/5/15 to remove a kidney stone and they didn’t get it all, so I had the second surgery 2/19/15, and they could not get the rest. Now they are saying they need to remove my right kidney. I am told I have a staghorn stone. Can this stone be removed without removing my Kidney?

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