Basic Life Support Training is Making A Difference

ImageIn January, there was a news report about two little boys who had been pulled from a burning building and who were unresponsive. Detroit firefighters transported the boys to the hospital on a fire truck. CPR was not performed because the firefighters hadn’t been trained. Unfortunately, the children did not survive.

In April, the Detroit Receiving Hospital took the initiative to help the community and the Detroit Fire Department (DFD.) With DFD input, Receiving Hospital put together a training program at minimal cost with Basic Life Support (BLS) Instructors volunteering their time. To date, over 200 firefighters have been trained during 16 class sessions. Receiving Hospital has 15 additional class sessions scheduled for 400 firefighters in 2013.

About three weeks ago, another little boy was pulled from a burning house. This time, the firefighters provided CPR in addition to transporting him to the hospital. He survived! Those firefighters had completed one of Receiving’s BLS class sessions. Receiving is truly making a difference in the community.

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